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Elementary 4th-5th Teacher Position





The Superintendent/Principal of the Glenwood School and a screening committee will determine the candidates to be interviewed and will conduct interviews with the help of staff.  The School Board will make a selection based on the recommendation of the Superintendent. 




The teacher will be placed on the statewide teacher’s salary schedule. 




Our school is located in the beautiful Glenwood Valley, at the base of 12,326 ft. Mt. Adams, in Southwest Washington.  The town of Glenwood is small (approximately 400 residents), rural, and is an ideal family/recreational setting.  The community is very supportive of the school and its staff. 




The school has a K-12th grade enrollment of about 66 students housed in two wings of one building.  The school class sizes range from 4-12 students.




The Glenwood School District is staffed with one superintendent/principal, 10 certified teachers and 3 instructional classified staff members. Additional educational staff is provided by Educational Service District 112 Special Services Cooperative.  Staff turnover is generally low.  Curriculum is provided during a seven period day and all grades begin and end the instructional day at the same time. 







* Depending on the candidate pool this schedule may be amended until filled.




To be considered, a candidate must have all of the following materials on file with the school no later than 3:00PM on June 24, 2015. 


1.      A letter of application which explains the professional and personal qualifications preparing the candidate for this position.

2.      A resume

3.      Placement file or 3 letters of recommendation.

4.      Copy of certificates

5.      A completed District Application.

6.      Submit all application materials to the school office.


The Glenwood School District complies with all State and Federal rules and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.  This holds true for all District employment and opportunities, as well as all students who are interested in participating in educational programs.  Grievance procedures may be directed to the District Title IX Officer and or Section 504 Coordinator, Mrs. Pam Shelly. 


Glenwood School District No. 401 is an Equal Opportunity Employer



The Glenwood School District is advertising for vendors to be on our small works roster.  We are seeking construction related contractors in all trades. Specifically, we are planning to begin shop construction on a shop addition in the summer of 2015, and are looking to secure vendors for foundation, building shell, electrical, mechanical, sprinkler and possibly excavation. Vendors will be required to submit prevailing wage intents and affidavits to the Department of Labor & Industries. In order to be added to our roster the following information must be submitted.

1.     Name of contractor

2.     Contractor’s license number

3.     Bonding verification

4.     Liability coverage

5.     Related contracts completed

6.     References (bond and clients)

7.     Completed IRS W-9 form

Please contact the Superintendent with the above information.

Glenwood School District


 P.O. Box 12

 Glenwood, WA  98619