Staff Email Skyward

Academic Programs

Students have the opportunity to participate in athletics starting in kindergarten. We offer Pee-Wee basketball for students in grades K-4. Our 5th graders and middle school students participate in interscholastic competitions in all three seasons. High Schoolers join, Klickitat School District, a neighboring school to participate in varsity and junior varsity sports.

Citizen of the Month
Each month we recognize students who have demonstrated exemplary citizenship, scholarship, and improvement. These students are honored and recognized at a school assembly with a certificate of achievement and a reward.

Extended Learning
Students have many opportunities to expand their learning through access to Running Start, as well as numerous online learning opportunities.

Family Holiday Dinners
Each year for Thanksgiving and Christmas our cooks prepare a homestyle family dinner that is enjoyed by community, staff, and students.

Language Arts
English is a cornerstone of the academic program. Glenwood adheres to the Washington State reading model and has a consistent reading program. K-12 writing is emphasized in high school to prepare the students for continued schooling or employment.

General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Precalculus students have the opportunity to take the mathematics course that will challenge them and increase their chance to be successful.

Performing and Visual Arts
The arts are an important part of the school climate. Students have the opportunity to take visual art, music, and drama programs. Extracurricular opportunities to attend performances are routinely extended to students as well.

The district offers a pre-school program five days a week for 3 and 4 year-olds. Our program focuses on life skills our students will need to be successful throughout their school career. Reading and mathematics are the cornerstones, and students are able to read before they enter kindergarten.

Glenwood boasts a robust science program including a K-8 program supported by Educational Service District 112. The high school offers science programs that include access to cutting edge equipment and first-rate instruction.

Social Studies
A very rigorous social studies program is part of our curriculum and includes comprehensive programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels that satisfy state requirements and expand students' learning opportunities.

We offer Spanish as a foreign language for our K-12 students. Instruction that begins at the earlier ages has been very effective in raising the students' retention and fluency.